Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I already unlocked with IPSF and want to upgrade from 1.0.2 to 1.1.1 (Apple Only)

If you haven't already purchased a license please Click here to start.

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1. Press Activate Phone. It will ask you to select a folder so browse to the directory you extracted on your Desktop and select the folder called "ThisFolder"

2. After that is done, press Jailbreak and select "Perform Jailbreak", it will need you to select the same folder called "ThisFolder" again.

3. After that is done, press SSH and select "Install SSH/SFTP/SCP". The program ask you to turn off the phone and back on again, twice.

4. Click Customize, then Applications, then System, then on the top right press the (+) Add button.

5. Browse to the folder you extracted on your Desktop and select (it has like a grey Circle Stop sign on it)

6. Now on your iPhone go to Settings, then Wi-Fi and connect to your WiFi network. You might be asked for a password for your WiFi, just type it in.

7. Now on the right of the network name press the blue arrow and note down the IP Address (e.g

8. Go back to iNdependence and type in the IP address in the box that is there. e.g 192 168 1 101 (no dots needed). The password field is "dottie" (without the quotes.

9. Now on your iPhone you will have SimFree installed. Before you run it, go to Settings - General - Autolock and set it to Never.

10. Now run SimFree on your iPhone. Accept the Disclaimer and then press on the Red Apple on the background.

11. When that finishes, go back to iNdependence and press Firmware and select "Pre 1.1.1 Upgrade". It will tell you to open iTunes and setup your iPhone. Do that and then press ok in iNdependence to proceed.

12. Quit iNdependence after its done and go back to iTunes and press "Update" (not Restore). This will update the phone to 1.1.1 (takes a while)

13. When it finishes, quit iTunes. Open iNdependence and press "Activate Phone" and wait for about a minute. It will then ask you to restart the phone twice.

14. You're Done! You can now Sync with iTunes (from now on the Password is alpine)

If you haven't already purchased a license please Click here to start.


Carol said...

Will this make my iPhone still work with my Egyptian Sim card like it's working now on 1.0.2????

Thinh said...

the download links die. Can you reupload them?

Wireless Imports said...

1) Yes, it will make your iPhone work with any sim card. So far none of our customers from anywhere in the world have complained otherwise.

2) Sorry about that. The link has been modified and is now updated to include the files.

Anonymous said...

After i update it to 1.1.1 will it still be unlocked and another thing can we use the new thing on verion 1.1.1 the wireless itune and creat ringtons and all the thing that come with the verion 1.1.1

Wireless Imports said...

Yes, your phone will still remain unlocked after the upgrade if you follow the procedures listed. No you will not be able to use 3rd party apps if you are looking to install them via AppTapp. You will need to find an alternative source.

csoehner said...

I previously unlocked 1.0.2 with AnySim.
I have purchased IPSF. When I run it, it says already unlocked. I want to go to 1.1.1. Whqat are the proceedures to do so?

Relock, Virginize, etc?

Erben said...

Can somebody tell me, at what time I have to change the sim card?

Paizao said...

Is there a tutorial to do exactly this process for Windows?

Wireless Imports said...

No, there is no method yet available to jailbreak the iPhone on a windows computer yet for 1.1.1. As soon as it becomes available we will post a new tutorial.

Carol said...

I had previously unlocked the iphone with IPSF with software 1.0.2.

When I open Independence, It says phone activated, jailbroken and firmware 1.0.2. Therefore, the Activate button, and Jailbreak button are grey, they're not active.

What exactly should I do? Should I move to the "Install SSH/...."??? Please show me detailed steps as the steps in "already unlocked with IPSF...." did not mention any of the grey buttons.

Derek said...

With the new directions from IPSF, the steps that require you to call the number etc. does that mean if we are running an unlocked 1.0.2 phone we can just update in itunes, then follow those steps now?

Carol said...

Guys I still need help; I'm not able to update nor use the software as it tells me that the phone is already activated and jailbroken. Should I skip the steps before the "intall SSH/..."??????

Or is there something else I'm missing? Again, I had previously unlocked my iPhone on 1.0.2 with IPSF. Please advise, I've been waiting for too long and don't want to take the risk of trying out the remaining steps of the software and brick my iphone.

Wireless Imports said...

You will need to contact us directly for any tech support. Please have your order number handy.